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Welcome to the March issue of The Beat. Your monthly e-newsletter for all the latest info from America’s leading Solar Hot Water manufacturer, Heliodyne.  This is a very special issue as we proudly announce the official release of the redesigned GOBI collector.  There is other notable news as well, including a case study on an 18th century home and the new line of SRCC OG-300 compliant valve assemblies. Read on for more info…


GOBI CollectorHeliodyne’s flagship product, the GOBI flat-plate collector, has undergone a complete transformation. This is the first major redesign the collector has undergone since its introduction over 30 years ago. Several enhancements have been combined to make it the best overall collector in the industry.

Thinnest Profile – The redesigned frame is easier to handle for installers, and offers end-users a streamlined, sleek look on their roof compared to bulky traditional flat-plate collectors.

Top 10 Performer – Thanks to major absorber and insulation modifications, new SRCC ratings certify that the GOBI now ranks among the 10 best OG-100 collectors. The high energy output of the GOBI offers maximum performance from the solar hot water system.

Easiest to Install – The GOBI retains its unique Dyn-O-Seal (DOS) union interconnection method. DOS unions come factory assembled and eliminate the time consuming task of soldering each collector together in an array. 

With a streamlined profile, easy assembly and even better energy production, the GOBI offers the best overall value for any solar thermal installation. The redesigned GOBI will be available April 1st in 3 sizes and 2 absorber surface types. More information and specs can be downloaded here.


Strut Channel Mounting HardwareFor installers who prefer to use strut channeling such as the Unistrut brand  for collector mounting, Heliodyne is now introducing a hardware kit for use with GOBI brand collectors. The hardware has been designed and tested to maintain structural integrity under extreme loads, much like Heliodyne’s proprietary hardware solutions. The strut channel kits will be available in both flush-mount (pitched roofs) and rack-mount (flat roofs) configurations. The new hardware will be available in late spring 2011. Contact your Heliodyne rep for up-to-date information.


Valve BlockTo help simplify solar hot water systems, Heliodyne has designed a series of valve block assemblies which adhere to the strict SRCC OG-300 design criteria. The valve block is a complete pre-plumbed assembly providing all required balance of system components between the potable water connection and the Helio-Pak heat-transfer appliance. This greatly reduces the installation time by up to 4 hours and ensures full SRCC OG-300 compliance.

The OG-300 valve block includes potable hot water connection, tempering valve, shut-off and bypass valves, insulation and labeling. Different valve blocks are available depending on which type of tank is used in the solar hot water system.  The valve blocks were designed to fit a variety of tank models manufactured by Bradford White, but can also be used on other brand tanks that meet certain criteria. The OG-300 compliant kits should be available late spring 2011.



Joe Walsh's Home


Heliodyne installer Joe Walsh, of Joe Walsh Contractors, installed a combination domestic hot water and space heating system on a historic 18th century home. The home, located in Rhode Island, was originally built in 1750 and now stands as a historic landmark. Joe Walsh installed 8 Heliodyne GOBI collectors, along with a Helio-Pak heat-transfer appliance and solar hot water module, to bring solar heated water into the home’s hot water and radiant floor heating system. A Delta-T Pro controller was used to monitor the system via the web. Great work on the system Joe!


Control Board



  • New roof-mount kits contain all you need for collector mounting and flashing.

  • New annual product guide.



A new schedule of training dates has been added to Heliodyne’s website calendar. The Residential SHW training course was so successful last year that it has now been broken up into 2 parts, with the first day being theory and the second being strictly hands-on. To enroll in an upcoming class, visit the calendar.



Established in 1976, Heliodyne is one of America’s oldest manufacturers of solar water heating equipment. Based out of the SF Bay Area, the company manufactures not only flat-plate collectors, but also heat-transfer appliances and controllers.  Heliodyne products are suitable for both residential and commercial hot water use.


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