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JANUARY 29, 2010







RICHMOND, CA -  Heliodyne Corporation announced today that it has entered into a Sublicense Agreement with Alanod-Solar, Inc.   Under the terms of this Agreement, Alanod-Solar, Inc. will become the sublicensee of Heliodyne’s rights to use a patent owned by Sandia Corporation for the laser welding of metal fins to metal tubes.  The financial terms of the Agreement are confidential.   Heliodyne uses the technology in the manufacturing of collectors for solar hot water systems.  Alanod-Solar, Inc. manufactures components for solar collectors, and is also a parts supplier to other solar collector manufacturers.

Heliodyne is currently the sole and exclusive licensee of Sandia’s laser welding patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,300,591.  Under the terms of its license with Sandia, Heliodyne may enter into sublicenses with other companies in the industry.  However, since the laser welding technology is patented, competitors may not use the technology without a valid sublicense from Heliodyne. 

Ole Pilgaard, Heliodyne’s President, is “excited that Alanod-Solar, Inc. is participating in our sublicensing program, as this arrangement will certainly benefit both companies.”  

Mr. Pilgaard described the arrangement with Alanod-Solar, Inc. as an “umbrella” sublicense agreement, meaning that other manufactures may partner with Alanod-Solar, Inc. and be protected under the Alanod-Solar, Inc. sublicense agreement.  Alternatively, Heliodyne could offer sublicenses directly to a manufacturer.  According to Mr. Pilgaard, Heliodyne is currently in negotiations with several other companies seeking the same or similar rights to those in the Alanod-Solar, Inc. Agreement.

About Heliodyne
Established in 1976, Heliodyne has acquired a solid reputation of engineering and manufacturing quality solar water heating equipment for both residential and commercial applications. With offices and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, California, the company manufactures and assembles a variety of solar water heating products including the Gobi line of solar flat plate collectors and the Helio-Pak heat transfer appliances.

Heliodyne is the North American branch of SolarCAP, the active parent company of the VKR Group’s thermal solar energy business area, a holding based in Europe.

SolarCAP's vision is to become the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions focusing on thermal solar energy – while at the same time making thermal solar energy the most environmentally sound and cost-effective source of energy.

SolarCAP is owned by VKR Holding, which is one of Denmark's largest and most respected industrial investors, as well as owner and developer of companies that bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people's everyday lives.

The VKR Group employs more than 15,000 employees over 40 countries with activities in the following business areas: Roof windows & skylights, vertical windows, thermal solar energy, decoration & sunscreening, and natural ventilation. VKR Holding is owned by the Kann Rasmussen family and the foundation VILLUM KANN RASMUSSEN FONDEN, which is the main shareholder, and was founded in 1941 by Villum Kann Rasmussen, M.Sc., Dr.Eng.
For more information on our parent company, please visit http://www.solarcap.dk/.

About Alanod-Solar, Inc.

Alanod-Solar, Inc. is a division of Alanod Aluminum Veredlung, a thirty-year leader in surface solutions based in Ennepetal, Germany. Alanod-Solar leverages the world’s most advanced development labs and production lines to create superior reflective and absorptive surface solutions. The company’s long history of excellence and reliability set it apart in the industry, with the performance of its products leading to higher efficiency, better durability, and an overall lower cost of systems for solar technologies.



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