FLSH 00X 0XX – Flush mount rail system

Flush mount rail systems offer a clean and unobtrusive way to mount the GOBI collectors onto the roof. Rails are secured directly to the roof structure, and collectors attach to these rails using specially designed clamps or clips. The result is a clean, low-profile installation that blends seamlessly with the roofline.

Technical Specifications

1 2×51” Gobi Mounting Rail with end caps, 1xCLIP 000 OOOB Set RAIL 001 000B
2×102” Gobi Mounting Rail with end caps, 2xCLIP 000 OOOB Set RAIL 002 000B
2 Shingle Mount Hanger Bolt Kit FLSH 000 000B
Shingle Mount Flange Kit FLSH 000 001B
Tile Mount Kit FLSH 000 002B
Fast Jack with L-Bracket FLSH 001 013
S-5-S Clamp with L-Bracket FLSH 001 015
3 Splice Kit for Joining Rails (Includes 2 for upper and 2 for lower rail) RAIL 000 001