HFLO 0XX 0XX – Residential Open loop solar pump station

The Helio-Flo stands as a pioneering heat transfer appliance, simplifying and enhancing solar water heating efficiency. Tailored for warmer regions where temperatures remain above 42°F, its open-loop design offers straightforward "Plug & Play" installation, perfect for both residential and commercial use. With its compact size and factory assembly, the Helio-Flo minimizes plumbing demands, presenting an ideal solution for maximizing solar energy utilization in any setting.

Technical Specifications

MODEL HFLO 016 010 HFLO 116 011 HFLO 148 010 HFLO 148 011
Max Collector Surface Area(sq.ft) 96 96 320 320
Max Piping Resistance(ft of water) 2 2 5 5
Voltage 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz
Controller Type Standard Pro Standard Pro
Tank Connect Configuration Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom
Weight(lbs..) 30 30 30 30