HPAS 0XX 0XX – Residential closed loop solar pump station with coil-in-tank

The Helio-Pass is a heat-transfer appliance engineered for seamless integration with coil-in-tank water heating systems. It establishes a closed-loop system, efficiently circulating solar fluid from collectors through a tank-integrated coil, transferring heat to the domestic water supply. This innovative design maximizes solar energy utilization and enhances hot water production in an eco-friendly manner, promoting energy efficiency and reducing reliance on conventional heating methods.

Technical Specifications

MODEL HPAS 016 000 HPAS 016 011 HPAS 048 000 HPAS 048 011
Max Collector Surface Area(sq.ft) 96 96 320 320
Max Piping Resistance(ft of water) 2 2 7 7
Voltage 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz 120VAC , 60Hz
Controller Type Standard Pro Standard Pro
Expansion Tank 2 gal 2 gal 5 gal 5 gal
Tank Connect Configuration Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom