HST XXX – Solar storage tanks with electrical back up

These solar storage tanks are purposefully crafted for integration with solar hot water systems, boasting design elements that streamline installation and enhance performance. Built-in sensor ports and solar in/out connections are key features that reduce installation time while ensuring optimized functionality. Additionally, these tanks are equipped with an electrical backup heating element to provide reliable hot water supply even during periods of low solar energy availability.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification HST 65 HST 80 HST 120
Gallon Capacity 65 gal 80 gal 119 gal
Element Wattage(240 Volt) 4500
Dimensions(in inch) 59-1/4”H x 22”D 63-1/4”H x 24”D 63-1/4”H x 28”D
Recovery 90F Rise 21 gal/hr
Number of Elements 1 1 1
R-Value 16 16 16
Shipping Weight(approx.) 152 204 311